Kit that might interest you.

We often have equipment for sale. It is very easy to be caught out with items on E-bay and the like, and this is especially so with complex kit such as VTRs which are  a challenge to maintain, now they are getting older. Anything you buy from us will be in decent working condition. It will have been serviced and checked. Guaranteed for one month and at a fair price.

Video tape recorders.

Digibeta 500P  £375.00.

Digibeta A500 recorder
Plays Digibeta and Betacam SP.

Digitbeta A500P £425.00.

We have several and they will have been serviced, probably with new pinch rollers and similar items. In fact most of the price represents the servicing costs. Guaranteed one month. (Not for head clogging though!). The operating and head hours are likely to be high – and indeed the figures are likely to be unreliable anyway. So condition is everything. If you buy one from us it will work as it should. That is a good offer!

We will be happy to send you screen shots but it is best to see the actual machine yourself.

The A500 model plays back Betacam SP in addition to digibeta so is a useful machine for playback and archiving SD recordings on digibeta tape. The machines are quite a handy way of getting an SDI feed from all sorts of analogue tapes.

Sometimes we have NTSC machines for sale. At the least, we do offer a transfer service.

Film Projectors.

Heurtier. Standard 8, superb picture and audio fidelity. – £250.00.

Often have others, please ask.

Collection is truly best, but delivery is possible at cost.


Sony DVCAM DSR-PD100AP. Comes with lots of extras

Sony DSR-PD100AP
Sony DVCAM camera.

Other bits.

BP90 style batteries, charger, SQN with lots of kit. Red head lights. Some microphones.