In general, for machine hire, please be aware:

Prices are per day, week x 3 day rate.

Head clogging from damaged and dirty tape is common. Our machines are well maintained but tape damage is possible and all use is at client risk. We also reserve the right to charge engineering time to clean and repair any machine damaged by client use. If you think your tape is in poor physical condition please speak to us first.

We also offer a sale and buy-back service for Digi-beta machines.

Tape transfers:

Any video cassette tape, (providing it plays) to DVD, machine to machine transfer. Via T.B.C. and standards transfer. £15.00.

Any video cassette tape to a digital format tape – useful for play-in on your editing system. Minimum £15.00 or £30.00 per hour plus tape cost.

Capture to computer file:

Hard drive or USB stick extra. £35.00 (more than one hour, by arrangement).

Film to digital:

30 to 34 p per foot (silent), 44 to 48 p (sound), with minimum charge of £60.00.  Sometimes it is fairer to everybody to charge at the silent rate and then at the editing time rate in addition for sound. This is because it is very uncommon for the sound to be good enough in quality simply to sync up in the edit. Any hard drive and USB stick use is an extra cost.

We also offer the option to undertake this work on an hourly charge basis – each job is different – some require a simple transfer for logging and viewing whilst others are for high end broadcast. In reality 95% of our work is charged on an hourly basis.

Editing time:

£35.00 to £55.00 per hour.  For editing, DVD and Blu-ray production. Uploads.


Minimum half day, £350.00. Whole day, £600.00. Includes standard kit and one technician.

Kit hire:

Half-inch SD Video:

J30 play-in video recorder. All versions of betacam, NTSC and PAL, SDI and firewire out.  £60.00 per day.

Digibeta A500, Digibeta and Beta SP player and recorder. £70.00 per day.

HDV recorders:

HVR 15E. Large and small tapes. Firewire. £40.00 per day.

HVR 1500A. Large and small tapes, Firewire and SDI in and out.  Built-in Screen. £60.00 per day.

Shooting kit:

Audio mixers, microphones. Tascam solid state recorders. Competitively priced as a package. Example: recorder, mixer, two lapel mics. £60.00.

Directional mics. AKG or Sennheiser. £10.00.

Radio mics. (channel 38) Sony UTX series. £25.00 per channel.

Lights, low cost cameras, tripods. Example: JVC 4K camera, microphone and tripod. £80.00.

Vintage kit:

All in well maintained condition. U-matic, S-VHS, Hi-8, Betamax, Betacam, Beta SX, DAT, Mini-disc. Ask for pricing.

Back-up drive:

LTO backup drive – USB3 connection – use on your computer. £40.00. Excludes tape cost. Click here.

Have a look in the more details section for, well, more details. Click here.